ISO 14001-Environmental Management System

The Enviromental Management System Certification will guide your organisation towards the improvement of your environmental performance and resource management

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an international standard which recognises the actions of responsible businesses in managing and controlling their environment. ISO 14001 Certification provides evidence that an Environmental Management System (EMS) is in place. It is designed to help businesses remain commercially successful without overlooking environmental responsibilities and impacts.

It can also help you to grow your business sustainably while reducing the environmental impact of this growth. Based on the Plan Do Check Act cycle, it can be used as a tool as well as focus on identifying, controlling and monitoring the environmental aspects of your organization and how to manage and improve the whole system.

Why is ISO 14001 important for your business?

Companies are now under pressure to make supply chains more environmentally friendly due to the growing global awareness of the environmental impact of consumer lifestyles. Organizations that implement ISO 14001 reduce costs and improve company-wide morale, while increasing the marketability of their brand. Furthermore they prove their organization is responsible and respectful towards the environment and society in general. Additionally certification may significantly reduce the risk of regulatory and environmental liability fines.

The benefits of ISO 14001

  • More effective management of the environmental aspects of your business activities by considering:
    1. environmental protection
    2. pollution prevention
    3. socio-economic needs
  • Insurance of compliance with environmental legislation and the reduction of risk of penalties and possible litigation
  • Demonstration of high levels of environmental compliance when bidding for international contracts or expanding locally to accommodate new business
  • Increasing sales
  • Financial improvement and saving
  • Cost savings in energy and material consumption
  • Enhanced company reputation
  • Prevention of incidents such as pollution release and clean-up costs as well as non- compliance with legislation and subsequent prosecution

Why choose Merrifield Certification

Environmental Management System certification from Merrifield Certification will help your organization develop and improve performance. With a team of highly competent auditors we aim to deliver direct, convenient and reliable service to our customers, tailored to their needs and implement a framework by applying a systematic approach to manage their business, with respect to customer’s demands and regulatory requirements. The services that Merrifield Certification offers involve:

  • Competitive fee with no hidden charge or unexpected invoices
  • Qualified personnel dedicated to your specific business sector, which can provide effective added value.
  • We can also act as a one-stop provider for many of your certification needs by offering bundled product testing and certification services.

Contact us for our full certification process or a preliminary gap assessment for your current Environmental Management System as per ISO 14001.

Merrifield Certification Mark

The ISO 14001 certification mark from Merrifield Certification demonstrates your compliance towards continuous excellence. The prestige of the Merrifield Certification certification mark also indicates that your systems and processes have been evaluated by one of the most recognized names in quality and compliance.

Merrifield Certification certificates

All certificates issued by Merrifield Certification are subject to annual audits and verification. You may contact us in order to receive information about:

  1. Geographical areas in which it operates;
  2. The status of a given certification;
  3. The name, related normative document, scope and geographical location (city and country) for a specific certified client.