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Steps to ISO certification for small, medium and new enterprises

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Committing to implement any management system is the right choice for any business, whether large or small and we can help you choose the right way to get started so you can benefit from the best that the management system has to offer. Our approach to supporting SME’s will help them achieve the same world-class ISO management system as larger companies in a cost effective way. Our services are packaged and customized to removing the complexity of achieving the implementation of any management system.


The cost of implementing an ISO Management system standard is dependent on the type of management system your organization wants to implement, the size and complexity of your organization and the scope of certification. when this is sorted out, the following steps below can now be taken;


Firstly, we need to understand that the adoption of any management system standard is usually done by top management and they use it as a strategic management tool to scale the business and play in the global market.


When this is done, a cross functional team is now set up to drive the implementation of the management system standard together with us, the external consultants.


At this point, a general awareness is done for all members of staff and a select few in the cross functional team are trained on how to implement and audit the requirements of the standard for sustainability of the certification.


This now leads to the implementation of the requirements of the standard, which requires putting in place the required documented information as specified by the standard.


Moving on, a readiness or mock audit will be carried out internally to ensure that the requirements are being met before the external certifying body will come around.


At this point, the external certification body will be invited to come over to carry out 2 certification audits which will determine whether or not your management system has met the requirements of the Standard and then recommend you for certification.


After obtaining your certification, it will be required that you maintain certification as there will be an annual surveillance audit to show that your organization is still maintaining the requirements of the Standard.


Ideally, this process should take within two or three months to achieve and given the size of your organization, it can be achieved within a lesser time frame.

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